Mac (Maury) Parker - '41 Ford

Mac (Maury) Parker - '50 Coupe

Mac (Maury) Parker - '55 Merc

Mac (Maury) Parker - El Camino

Mac (Maury) Parker - El Camino

Mac (Maury) Parker - '67

Mac (Maury) Parker - SSR

Mac (Maury) Parker - SSR

Mac (Maury) Parker - 409-425HP crate engine that was in the 1960 El Camino

Bill Haycraft's High School Hot Rod
1952 Flat Head V8 "French" Headlights, Cadillac TailLights, Roll & Pleated Seat Covers, Lowered Chassis

Bill Haycraft's  1929 Mercedes-Gazell
Built On A 1987 VW Frame

Bill Haycraft's `59 Ford T-Bird

Bill Haycraft's `65 Mustang

Bill Haycraft's `86 Nissan 300ZX

Butch's 1949 Ford 2DR Coupe (White)

Butch's 1949 Ford 2DR Coupe With Teressa & Butch

It even made the news!

Butch Brown's 1959 Pontiac 2DR. Hrdt Top Catalina(White)

Butch Brown's 1955 Bonneville convertable (Turquoise& White)

Tom Tassara's 1960 Chevy Impala (Originally purchased by Dick Kuhn, Toni Abbey's husband) Fire Engine Red
It had a 348 CID, 350 HP engine. It came from the factory with 3 2-barrel carburators, dual point ignition, over-sized valves, 4 speed on the floor transmission, and a posi-traction rear end (differential).

Here are the photos of the recently updated and completely restored 1970 Corvette, owned by Tom & Helen (Toomey) Tassara. The car turned 50 years old in July 2020. It's been owned by us for the past 39 years. It sports a 454 cubic inch V-8 with 390 horsepower, 4-speed transmission, T-Tops (coupe) and is Chevrolet's Donneybrook Green.

From left to right (both photos) Ken Oursler's `51 Mercury, Jack (Reds) Crovato's `40 Ford w/283 Chevy V8,
and Nick Cremonese's 49 Ford

Ken Oursler in his `51 Mercury

Ken Oursler's `57 Mercury

Ken Oursler's (Jr) 1969 Camaro and Ken Oursler's 1969 Corvette (currently owned)

Steve Lamphier's 1936 "Woody" (currently owned)

This is a "from the frame-up" restored 1931 Model A Roadster. It belongs to Henry & Diane (Dee) Seltzer (Stoehr)

Nick Cremonese and his fully restored new "toy".


Tom & Helen Tassara's current toys

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